Fourth of July in the United States

Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, has been a federal holiday since 1941. Many banks, businesses, and restaurants are closed or have holiday hours. Prior to the year of 1941, many establishments closed, but it was an unpaid holiday for many workers. Since then, the Fourth of July has become a paid holiday for employees who work for establishments that are closed.
However, there is more to the day than just a paid day off for employees. The actual holiday of the Fourth of July dates back to July 2, 1776 when Congress voted in favor of independence for the United States of America from the ruling of Great Britain. Two dates later, the final wording of the Declaration of Independence, which was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, was approved and published. Back then, it was just 13 colonies that had adopted the Declaration of Independence, as the United States of 50 states was not established yet.
The Fourth of July is a holiday celebrated by many Americans, and the way it is celebrated comes from John Adams. On July 3, 1776, John Adams wrote a letter to his wife Abigail stating that he wanted the Fourth of July to be a huge celebration with parades, shows, games, guns, bells, bonfires, and lights throughout the United States. Today, many Americans are celebrating the Fourth of July the way John Adams would have wanted it. The birth of American Independence is remembered and celebrated with fireworks, parades, picnics and BBQs. Family and friends gather together to honor the day. Typical Fourth of July food include hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, and watermelon. Sporting events include baseball games, three- legged races, swimming activities, and tug- of- war games. Many Americans display the American flag outside of their homes or buildings. Neighbors and communities gather to watch firework displays. If the area you live in isn’t putting on a firework display, you can count on watching it be shown on television.

Vehicle Registration In Your New Location

vehicle registration
You’ve made the decision to relocate. You’ve packed up your house and shipped your car to your new location. Now, you need to take the appropriate steps for vehicle registration at the DMV office. Vehicle registration for new vehicles in new states needs to be done in person, unless there is an extenuating circumstance. In these cases, you can file for vehicle registration by mail, which results in a longer process. If you are sending in your paperwork and payment by mail, you must allow two weeks for the documents to be delivered. There is also an additional 90 day processing time. Fortunately, if you are able to register in person you can download vehicle registration forms online and then bring them to your local DMV office in order to save a bit of time .  In order to register your car in your new state, you will need to show proof of identity, car insurance, and ownership. There will also be a title fee, license plate fee, and tax, which all differ depending on which state you are registering in. Car registration in your new state must be completed within 30 days of establishing new residency. Also, you need to have an up to date insurance policy in your new state prior to registration. Many states do not accept out- of- state insurance policies, so it is important to take this step prior to visiting the DMV office.
If you imported a car from another country, you will need slightly different vehicle registration paperwork. Your imported car will need to pass United States Customs and Border Protection as well as all state emissions standards. Emission standards vary from state to state. There are more documents for imported vehicle registration. Paperwork forms include: Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles, Entry Summary, Entry and Manifest of Merchandize Free of Duty, Carrier’s Certificate of Release, Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products, and Customs Declaration. All of these forms can be downloaded and brought to your local DMV office. Then, you will need to follow the process for regular vehicle registration.
So, contact us for all your car shipment so you can relocate fast and easy!

Understanding the Bill of Lading

bill of lading
The Bill of Lading, or BL/ BoL for short, is a legal receipt document provided by the carrier company that acknowledges the cargo for shipment. It directly states what is being shipped, where it is coming, and where it is going. The Bill of Lading serves as contract and must be presented at delivery. It is the most important document needed for the car shipment process. The Bill of Lading legally shows that the carrier has received the correct vehicle and it is in the appropriate condition. The Bill of Lading contains other important information necessary for car shipment. Other information included in the Bill of Lading are the names of the sender/ shipper company and customer, the names of the ports of departure and destination, dates of departure and arrival, a breakdown of what is in the car, and vehicles details such as model, year, markings, etc. The Bill of Lading also serves as proof of ownership for the customer. It was created to provide a receipt to the shipping company in case the owner couldn’t be at departure or delivery. Besides the Bill of Lading, there are two other crucial documents needed for your car shipment. The other two documents needed for car shipment are a policy of insurance and an invoice/ statement of a bill.
There are multiple ways to obtain a Bill of Lading. You can receive it from your shipping company, download it online and print a company, or complete it online and electronically submit. The company you decide to use will inform you on what method they prefer. There are many different types of Bill of Ladings and the one you complete for your car shipment is dependent on the type of vehicle you are shipping.
So, contact us today to started with your car shipment, and we’ll ensure you have the appropriate documents completed, especially your Bill of Lading.

Changes in Car Shipping for 2018

car shipping
With the increase of car shipping demand and popularity, there have been some changes in the car shipping industry. Prior to the high demands, drivers logged their route and hours by paper. If they took a rest break, no one would know or be notified. What did this mean for you the customer? You were left in the dark about where your car was, when it would be arriving, and if there were any delays.  However, legislation has made it so car shipping companies and drivers must digitally log their information. This change in car shipping is known as Electronic Logging Device Mandate or ELD. What does this mean for you the customer? You can now get an up to date tracking on your car shipment.
Prior to mandating ELDs in cars, car shipping companies had the choice on whether or not they wanted to use this device and technology. Many did not install this system, which left room for errors and inaccurate information for when recording information, times, and locations because information was put in manually. It also didn’t provide car shipping companies and consumers with “in the know” information and left room for many questions and “the unknown”.  The requirement to now install ELDs have greatly changed the car shipping experience as we know it. ELD is more effective on car shipping because you can access first- hand knowledge and data on your car. The ELD will track your car’s movement which will provide you with accurate information on your car’s whereabouts.
How does it work? The ELD is installed in the car that is being shipped. From there, the ELD is registered and can transmit data and information. The driver and car shipping company can even make “edit” notes (annotations) if any information is incorrect. Since every moment of the driver’s journey is logged and monitored, it will ensure that your car is on the right track and in transit to you. If drivers want to take a rest period, they would simply use the edit section to log a rest period. Mandating ELDs have made your car shipping experience easy and non- stressful.
So, contact us today and get started on your car shipping experience.
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Car Shipment Time

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Drivers hours
How many other cars are on the carrier


There are many factors that impact your car shipment time. It is important to be proactive and realistic when making the decision to ship your car. If you are looking to book an open carrier transport, you are looking at a quicker car shipment time than if you were looking to book an enclosed carrier transport. Why? Enclosed carrier transports are not as in demand, which means they could take longer to find a carrier truck.
The time frame that includes dropping your car off for shipment and picking your car up at your new location is dependent on numerous factors.


The first factor that impacts your car shipment time is location. Where are you shipping to? If your route is a commonly traveled route and includes major cities, then it is will take a shorter time to receive your car. However, if you are shipping to small town or a remote location, it will more than likely take a longer time to receive your car.


Next up is what season you are considering to ship in. Season is important for two reasons. The first reason being if you are shipping to a location that is known for blizzards and snowfall, this may slow down your car shipment time. Weather plays a huge role on the roads, speeds, and driving conditions; therefore, winter months may impede your car shipment time. Secondly, some months are more in demand than others.
For example, the spring is a very busy month for car shipment companies due to snowbirds and vacationers. This can work in your favor or against you. High demand seasons means more carrier trucks on the road, so if you are proactive in booking your car shipment, you may have no problem. However, if you aren’t proactive in booking your car shipment, you may have trouble finding a company that isn’t completely booked up. Therefore, as soon as you know, call us so we can get the process started.


This factor often goes hand-in-hand with season and weather, but traffic is one of the more unpredictable factors because of things like accidents and police activity. However, traffic is now more predictable than it used to be with intuitive driving apps such as Waze. With these apps a driver can be alerted to upcoming traffic and get an alternate route to avoid getting stuck.
The problem is that even with alternate routes, sometimes traffic delays are unavoidable. Holiday weekends like Memorial day is one such example. So, this is unfortunately something that cannot be factored into your original transit time estimation.
Yes, a general traffic estimation is factored in but a specific calculation of traffic during your shipment’s transit is impossible to calculate based on the specific unpredictability of traffic conditions.

Drivers Hours

Another factor in how long your car shipment might take is the hours a driver can legally work. Unfortunately, it is now against the law for drivers to drive for more than eleven hours in a day. This came into effect when the Electronic Logging Devices mandate came into affect about two years ago.
Previously, drivers could drive longer than that and often did, routinely driving sixteen hours a day. This is enforced through electronic devices installed on each truck that monitor and report the amount of driving a driver does each day.
Now, if a driver is behind his or her schedule, they cannot make it up by driving longer each day. So, you can unfortunately expect car shipments to take a little bit longer on average because of this limitation on the hours that a driver can drive.

How many other cars are on the carrier

How many other cars that a auto transport driver needs to deliver also makes a difference in the duration of your car shipment. If your car is on a carrier with eight or nine other cars that need to be delivered before your car is, it will take longer than if your car is on a carrier with only four other cars.


There are many factors at play when determining the duration of your transit time for your car shipment. This is why you receive a delivery window rather than an exact and guaranteed date, because it is not possible to predict the length of the shipment with a hundred percent accuracy.
You should be proactive and plan accordingly. Be ready for the off-chance that your shipment might come a day after when you initially expected. This way, if this does happen it will not have a large impact on your daily life.

Auto Insurance for Car Shipping

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Proof of auto insurance
Writing is proof
Double check with your auto insurance company
Remove all personal items

Having auto insurance on your car is just as important as having home insurance on your house. When we take out a protection plan, we need auto insurance that protects us against accidents, thefts, and other possible damages. Similarly, when car shipping, you need to have an all inclusive auto insurance policy. There are many things you should know about acquiring auto insurance prior to car shipping.

Proof of auto insurance

It is required by law that car shipping companies have a valid auto insurance certificate. You are permitted to ask to see the insurance upfront when booking. At this time, it is a good idea to ask any questions related to the company’s auto insurance. An important related question to ask is if the entire car is covered or just any damage that may occur during transporting.

Writing is proof

You will more than likely be booking your car shipping details over the phone. Chances are, you are probably writing down information that the car company is sharing with you, but those are your words. It is important to ask the company to write down anything discussed and agreed upon that is not in their regular contract.

Double check with your auto insurance company

The more protection the better! Depending on the personal policy you took out on your car, some insurance companies cover your car when it is being transported. It is a good idea to give your auto insurance company a call prior to car shipping. An important question to ask is whether your policy still covers your car while it is being shipped and/or in other states and countries.

Remove all personal items

While your car may be insured by your personal auto insurance company, and definitely by your car shipping company, your personal items will not be insured. It is important to completely empty your car of any personal belongings. This includes any electronics, loose change, CDs or cassettes, toll passes, important paperwork, etc. When in doubt, remove it.
So give us a call  or click here to find out more about what our company offers as far as auto insurance, and let’s get you on the road to shipping your car!

Accurate Car Shipping Quotes

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How does a car shipping company determine a quote?
How accurate is an auto transport quote?
Tips for spotting an accurate quote
Final word



How does a car shipping company determine a quote?

Car shipping quotes are often something that people who ship their vehicles wonder about. They are also sometimes a point of contention. That is because there is not a lot of transparency in the auto transport industry when it comes to how exactly quotes are determined by each individual company.
There are actually several things that most auto transport companies use to determine an accurate quote for a potential customer. Some are obvious, some are not:

  • Vehicle size – You won’t be asked directly for your car’s size because the vast majority of people do not know that information off the top of their heads and also do not have any idea how to determine that. Instead an auto transport company will ask you for the make and model of your car. This will give the car shipping company all the information they need in order to determine the size of your car.
  • Shipping date – The time of year that you ship your vehicle will play a pretty important role in the price that you receive for your quote. That is because certain times of the year are busier than others thus, based on supply and demand as well as overall operating costs, shipping during a busier time will cost slightly more.
  • Additional shipping options – If you choose to get any upgraded shipping options for your car shipment such as enclosed transport or top loading, it will cost an additional fee because there are a limited number of spots available for these options and it also entails more work from the carrier.
  • Distance – This might be the most obvious of these factors but it is also the most important. How far you ship your car is the primary variable in the price that you get for your quote. This is because it determines the overall amount of labor that you carrier will be responsible for during your transport.
  • Estimated carrier cost – The cost of a carrier matters because it involves several factors including the cost of fuel.


How accurate is an auto transport quote?

Auto transport quotes are as accurate as they possibly can be. Car shipping companies know that if they supply customers with quotes that are completely inaccurate or at all misleading, they will lose customers. However, with that said, it is important to understand that it is impossible to have a 100% accurate quote prior to the actual shipment date. There are far too many variables that change constantly in order to be able to give a 100% accurate quote.
In fact, this is also why you should be on the look out for any companies that claim that their quote prices are “guaranteed.” It is likely they are going to give you some excuse later into the transport why they need more money than they had originally asked for. Reputable auto transport companies will let you know that quotes are data driven estimates.


Tips for spotting an accurate quote

If you want to be completely certain that you are getting an accurate quote you should use the following tips to weigh whether or not the quote is legitimate:

  • Delivery window – Any accurate or reputable quote will give you a delivery window or date range for your car to be delivered. It is impossible to give you an exact date of delivery, so, if you get a quote with an exact delivery date, it is not accurate.
  • Price – If the price of one quote you receive greatly undercuts the others, it is likely a bait and switch price. With one of these scams a dishonest car shipping company will ask you for more money once they already have your car under threat of holding the car until you pay.
  • Online reviews – Use online reviews on websites like Google to see what other customers are saying about how accurate an auto transport companies’ quotes are.
  • Ability to add additional options – If the quote that you are getting does not offer the option to add additional options such as enclosed transport or top loading, yet they offer those services, it is likely the quote cannot be too accurate.


Final word

Unless you choose one of the few shady and dishonest car shipping companies out there, the car shipping quotes that you receive will be as accurate as possible. Remember, the price you actually pay and the price that you are initially quoted could end up being slightly different due to factors that are beyond the control and prediction of an auto transport company.

What to Consider When Transporting Your Car

transporting your car
Choosing a company to transport your car takes a lot of time and research. Afterall, your car will be transported without your supervision, so you want to ensure you have hired a company that suits your needs and shares your vision. While you may have many questions running through your mind, especially if it is your first time, there are some considerations that should be at the top of your list for when you are making your choice on what company will be transporting your car. RoadRunner Auto Transport can ensure that your car will receive first class service.
Peace for Your Mind
When transporting your car, you are going to want an update on the exact locations. Our services will allow you to track your car so you know exactly where is it at all times. Keeping you informed 24 hours a day will keep your mind at peace. Therefore, you can cworry about other aspects relating to your trip and not the transporting of your car. 
Real People
There is nothing more frustrating than having a question, concern, or in need of information and you have to speak to a machine rather than a representative. We are a full service team that answers your calls directly. Our team is trained and knowledgeable in all the aspects of car transport. Easy communication with our team will ensure all of your questions are answered and your concerns are put to ease.
Fully Insured
By law, transporting car companies have to carry insurance. With our company, your car will have coverage for any in- transit damage caused by carrier negligence or failure to any equipment caused by the assigned auto delivery company. This is not necessary true for all companies. Some companies have waivers in their contracts that makes their liability ineffective while your car is in their possession. So, do your research to ensure that your vehicle will be fully insured during transportation.
Let us help you put your mind at ease. Contact RoadRunner Auto Transport for your car transporting needs.

What Contributes to the Cost of Car Shipping?

Car Shipping
Determining car shipping costs can be difficult as there are many factors that contribute to the overall rate.This is why Road Runner Auto Transport has a convenient online rate calculator. Enter your vehicle information, origin/delivery destination and shipping dates to discover your cost instantly. Before you do so, make sure to read this article to better understand the factors contributing to your car shipping costs.
Car Shipping
Distance & Location
The distance your car will travel affects the cost to transport a vehicle. More miles mean more expensive shipping service in general. The location where your car will be picked and where it will be delivered also affects cost. For example, if you relocate to one of the major cities in the US like New York or Chicago; transporting your car to this location (urban cities) will be less expensive compared to rural areas, because they’re popular shipping routes. Quite often automobiles that need to be transported to a small rural town cost more to ship just because the vehicle is located at a remote area away from a major highway. Therefore, the distance is not always the decisive factor.
Car Shipping
Auto hauling seasons also affect shipping cost. Mainly, the cost of car shipping is high during summer and lower costs in the winter. Sometimes, the cost of shipping a car during winter can be more expensive due to weather conditions. For example if you are shipping to a mountainous area where the weather is harsh and difficulties are being encountered along the route. There won’t be a drastic price difference between summer and winter car shipping rates, but seasons do affect the price.
Car Shipping
Generally, one of the standards of estimating the price of car shipping is usually the more space the car covers on the carrier; the more expensive it is to transport it. If the car is smaller its takes up less space and the cost to transport it will be less compared to the large cars.
Car Shipping
Type of Transport
The main types of car shipping are open and enclosed shipping. Open auto transport the standard shipping method that most customers choose, but you can request an enclosed transportation service as well. Enclosed auto transport is the preferred method for sports, luxury and classic cars. The cost is usually higher for this type of transport since it holds less vehicles.
Car Shipping
The fluctuation of the fuel prices also affects the total cost of car shipping. This is a factor that should not be forgotten. Keep in mind that the quickly changing gas prices affect the transport prices.
Don’t forget to use our online rate calculator by clicking here. If you would like more information on shipping your car please give us a call at (888) 777-2123.

Buy a Car Online, Have it Delivered to Your Doorstep!

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Buying a car from out of state
Do your homework
Don’t make the trip there and back – ship your new car
What you need to do once you ship your new car
buying a car from out of state


Buying a car from out of state

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a very time consuming and stressful experience. There are actually several advantages when you buy a car online and/or from out of state. It may seem like an odd purchase to make online but online car buying has become a trusted and popular transaction. Follow this guide to ensure an easy purchase and delivery.
The first step to take is coming up with reasonable a budget for your new vehicle. Come up with a realistic number that you can afford while also considering the price range that the type of car you want falls in.
Next, you will want to find a couple of cars online that you like but that also fall within the means of your budget.

Do your homework

After that, make sure you do your research. Websites like Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds are great tools to use to receive information about possible car choices. These sties can tell you the perceived values of cars from auctions & independent dealers. These values are unbiased and quite accurate because they are determined by experts who analyze tons of data about millions of car transactions.
If everything checks out with your online research, you can then ask for a pre-purchase inspection of the car that you are considering buying. This will cost you some money but it is worth it to avoid being taken advantage of. These inspections can range in price from $50 or so dollars to a couple of hundred bucks. You can use a nationwide car inspection service like Lemon Squad for this.
Once you have found a car that you like, that also fits into your budget and passes all the checks you did research on & the pre-purchase inspection, you can go ahead and buy it.

Buy a Car Online


Don’t make the trip there and back – ship your new car!

After you have gone through the car buying process, your final step is to have your new car delivered to your home.  We can assist you in your final step whether your vehicle is from out of state or even if you just can’t find the time to pick it up.
We have a few options for you to choose from depending on your preference. For example, you can opt for enclosed or open transport. Enclosed transport would be a good option for luxury, exotic or classic cars because it provides extra protection during shipping by providing extra cover for the cars being transported which prevents any damage from weather elements or small road debris. Open transport is the more affordable option but it is still extremely safe to ship your car using this method.  We provide full service pickup and doorstep delivery for both options as well as insurance coverage.  
We suggest that you book your shipment about a month in advanced of the date you would like to ship so we can coordinate the pickup and have your car delivered within your desired time frame. You can obviously book your shipment closer to your shipping date than a month out but you might have to be a little more flexible on the date you choose. You can give us a call at (888) 777-2123 to set up a reservation or even book directly online by clicking here.

What you need to do once you ship your new car

After you have bought your new car and have had it delivered, you still unfortunately have work to do. You will now need to get the title transferred, register and insure the car in your state, and pay any applicable taxes.
That sounds like a lot and it is, but it does not have to be complicated. It is also best to get all of these things done as soon as you can so that you do not need to worry about doing them later but also so that you do not forget and get into any legal trouble when you are driving your new car.
Insuring your new car will require that you just call your insurer and tell them the information regarding the new car over the phone. You can usually get proof of the insurance transfer online or they can send it to you in the mail.
As far as taxes, you can expect that some states enact a personal property tax on these sorts of transactions. You will also need to pay sales tax in the state where you buy the car. Then, you will need to pay the difference in your new state. This means, if you buy a car from a state where sales tax is 6% then you transfer it to a state where sales tax is 8.5%, you will need to pay the extra 2.5% to the new state. Thankfully, you will not need to pay the full sales tax to both states.
To have the title transferred you will need to get the seller to sign the title transfer and send it to you. Then, you will need to take it to the DMV where you will get a new title of ownership for the car as well as registration. However, on top of the title you will need the bill of sale, your license, proof of insurance and proof of the tax payment.
You will also need new plates for your car, so we recommend getting this done in the same trip. However, if that is what you want to do, you will also need to have an inspection done before your trip to the DMV and bring the inspection certificate to the DMV as well.
As far as getting your car to a mechanic for an inspection without plates or a registration, you can get temporary tags or an in-transit permit. It varies by state. In fact, some states will let you drive the car with just the bill of ownership. Be aware, that these temporary driving allowances are exactly that, temporary. These temporary tags/measures only last between 15 days and a month (this also varies by state). So, act quickly once you receive any temporary tags. You can see the individual allowances for temporary driving by state here.